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The Maintenance and Care of Wood

There is a perception that since wood is a natural material it is not long-lasting. However, it is important to note that it was one of the first construction materials and has been widely used throughout the years to manufacture furniture, tools, infrastructure and more; many of which remain in good condition to this day. In fact, wood remains highly sought after in developed countries for its function and its beauty. And thanks to technological advancements in protective coatings, now it’s easier than ever to find durable wood pieces, even for outdoor use. 

sunny outdoor patio with large glass paned sliding wooden doors

Regardless of the material - whether wood, metal, plastic, or others - all experience wear and tear and require maintenance to function properly. This maintenance can be preventative, in anticipation of any deterioration, or corrective, to repair any damages. 

What are some ways you can care for your wood at home?

If you have solid wooden windows and doors that have been treated with a specialized exterior coating, like those of Aventa, it will be easier to care for than one treated with a regular varnish. In either case, these tips can be very helpful:

  1. CLEANING. It’s essential to avoid the accumulation of dust. Simply wipe the wooden surfaces with a damp cloth
  2. GLASS. If the piece contains glass, apply a glass cleaner and gently wipe it with a cloth.
  3. OIL. To keep the wood in good condition and maintain its shine. Spray wood oil on a dry cloth and glide it over the surfaces, covering the edges without touching the glass so as not to dirty it again. Done!


AVE•NTA TIP: When caring for windows, it is important to clean the glass before applying oil to the wood. This ensures we don’t accidentally spraying glass cleaner on recently oiled wood, which would affect the oil’s moisturizing qualities. 

wooden doorway into a room with a chandelierwhite wall with a slightly open wooden casement windowwooden double doors with a glass-paned arch above

How frequently should you oil wood?

There are a variety of factors you should take into consideration when determining this:

  • TYPE OF WOOD: every type of wood has its unique characteristics, like its porosity, for example. It’s important to take this into account depending on the use of the wood

  • COATING: if the wood piece doesn’t have any protective layer, you will need to maintain it more frequently. The higher the quality of protective coating, the less care the piece will need.

  • ELEMENTS: materials are always more affected when they are exposed to sun or rain. A door on the coast of Mexico will need a different maintenance schedule than in the north of France
    two wooden doors in a sunny area and luscious green plant

AVE•NTA TIP: If the piece is not in a prominent location, consider maintaining it every 2 weeks, dusting it and applying oil to hydrate the wood. If the wood quickly absorbs the oil before finishing the entire window, consider maintaining it once a week, like you would with a focal piece like a front door.

How can I extend the lifetime of wooden windows?

If the provider has used quality materials for each piece, you simply should follow the instructions they suggest. If you wish, you can also do an annual maintenance consultation to check for accidental scratches from pets, or to verify the hardware is all still working correctly.

All materials require care, not only for cleanliness and function, but also to continue bringing beauty to a space. We recommend choosing wood, which brings an unbeatable sense of warmth and coziness. 

lower half of bathroom with wooden cabinets and drawers