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Hotel La Valise

LA-VALISE 01-2-1
1 Facade
2 Central patio
3 Suites


Located in the heart of San Miguel de Allende is an exclusive boutique hotel called La Valise. It perfectly harmonizes the colonial architecture of the city with a contemporary style. It is a renovation construction that exalts its heritage and envelopes its guests in an oasis.
The space captivates the visitor with vibrant colors, beautiful craftsmanship, and spaces that combine Aztec details with modern accents designed by the renowned Italian-Mexican artist Pedro Friedeberg. 



Based 800 meters from the main garden, where a majority of the city’s tourism is concentrated, La Valise is located in a highly trafficked area that may come with a higher level of noise than desired by its guests. Despite this, with the help of Aventa, when one closes the windows and doors in any of the suites a feeling of serenity encompasses the room. The windows and doors have a hermetic seal that reduces the noise of the outside bustle, and also, being made of solid wood, tie together with the inimitable mix of textures and design where every detail counts

In this project, the interior is united with the exterior. The windows and doors are made of alder wood in a pine tone, with double panes of glass, and a specialized water-based coating that allows one to feel connected with nature. They have solid wooden shutters that provide privacy and darkness, without the need for curtains. These details offer an extra level of comfort and luxury for each guest.



The doors have a grid design. Most are double-doors, with six sections of double-paned glass, two panels on the bottom, and are outfitted with shutters.

A standout feature of this project are the motorized windows. They are composed of a fixed grid window on the bottom, and an oscillating window on top that provides ventilation. Since the window is in a difficult-to-reach position, it is operated by a remote-controlled motor, with the switches conveniently located in the room. 


1 Ollin suite
2 Cóatl suite
3 Alma suite


Every element enriches the experience that this venue strives to provide for its guests. It’s in an environment surrounded by the culture and hospitality of locals, but also a sanctuary of rest for each guest, right in the center of the city.


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